I&M Manuals

I&M Manuals

Centrifugal Blowers
Centrifugal Fans – IM-140
Belt Driven Plug Fans – IM-230

Vaneaxial Fans
Vaneaxial Fans – IM-160
Axico Anti-Stall Fans – IM-201
Axiad II Fans – IM-301

Tubeaxial Fans
Tubeaxial Fans – IM-115
Axipal Fans – IM-401: [English]   [Spanish]
Axial Roof Ventilators and Tubeaxial Fans – IM-435

Wall Mounted Fans
Panel and Ring Fans – IM-110: [English]   [Spanish]
Wall Mounted Fans – IM-172

Roof Ventilators
Model 53 and 40C Roof Ventilators – IM-120: [English]   [Spanish]
Centrifugal Powered Roof and Wall Exhausters – IM-121: [English]   [Spanish]
Centrifugal Powered Roof & Wall Exhausters – IM-502: [English]   [French]   [Arabic]
Inline Fume Exhaust Fans – IM-391
Upblast Low Profile Roof Ventilators – IM-631
Hooded Low Profile Roof Ventilators – IM-632
Hooded Low Profile Roof Ventilators – IM-632NF

Inline Centrifugal and Mixed Flow Fans
Centaxial Fans – IM-165
AMX Mixed Flow Fans – IM-166: [English]   [French]   [Arabic]
Square Inline Centrifugal Fans – IM-167

Fiberglass Fans
Fiberglass Centrifugal Fans – IM-180
Fiberglass Impeller Assembly Instructions – IM-205
Heavy-Duty Composite Fiber Fans – IM-745
Fiberglass Ventilators – IM-977

Adjustable Pitch Impellers
Backswept Impeller – IM-111: [English]   [Spanish]
Adjustable Pitch Impeller Taper Lock Hub – IM-170
Adjustable Pitch Impeller Taper Lock Hub Reversible Impeller – IM-171: [English]   [French]
Adjustable Pitch Impeller Taper Lock Hub Reversible Impeller With Thru-Bolt Construction – IM-173
Type ‘E’ Adjustable Pitch Impeller – IM-176

Air Make-Up Units
Gas Door Air Heater – IM-895
Direct-Fired Gas – IM-875

Filtered Supply Fans
Filtered Air Supply Fans – IM-135

Fans For Hazardous Locations (ATEX)
ATEX Fans – IM-3-09A: [English]   [German]

General Topics
Installation Checklist
Fans with CE Mark – IM-2-06A: [English]   [French]   [German]   [Italian]   [Polish]   [Romanian]   [Russian]   [Spanish]
General – IM-100: [English]   [Spanish]   [Portuguese]
Alignment – IM-101: [English]   [Spanish]
Damper Types and Construction – IM-105: [English]   [Spanish]
Airflow Measuring System Using Piezometer Ring – IM-130
A-240 Aluminum Alloy and Dura Alloy Impeller Assembly Instructions – IM-210
Shaft Seals – IM-220
Electronically Commutated Motors – IM-225
GridPoint Operation Manual: [English]   [French]
GridPoint Instructional Video