Fan Testing & Engineering

Balance & Vibration Testing


Standard balance tests are performed on all complete fan assemblies – size permitting. This ensures that there are no noticeable mechanical defects such as rubbing, bearing noise or excessive bearing heat and the vibration levels filtered into the running speed are reported. Aerovent can also provide vibration reports that include the filtered and overall levels if requested. Customers often require longer run tests to allow the bearing temperatures to stabilize. In order to achieve the stabilized temperatures, Aerovent will run the fan for two hours and record both the bearing temperatures and bearing vibration levels every 15 minutes – or as specified.

When specifications call for the detrimental resonant frequencies in a fan assembly to be identified, Aerovent can perform a coast down test. Coast down testing involves running the fan up to the desired speed and then decelerating slowly. By recording the vibration levels until the fan comes to a stop, the detrimental resonant frequencies can be identified. In addition to these standard tests, Aerovent is able to test to any vibration specification that a customer requires.