Product catalogs

Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal Fans Backward Inclined (Models CB-SW, CB-DW) – Catalog 720
Airfoil Fans (Model CAE-SW, CAE-DW) – Catalog 725
Utility Blowers (Models BIUB, BIUBR, BIUBSH, BAUB, FCUB, DFC) – Catalog 760

Vaneaxial Fans

Vaneaxial Fans Type P (Models VP, VPBD) – Catalog 414
Vaneaxial Fans Type W (Models VW, VWBD) – Catalog 456
Vaneaxial Fans Type B (Models VB, VBBD) – Catalog 466
Vaneaxial Fans Type J (Models VJ, VJBD) – Catalog 476
Tubeaxial & Vaneaxial Fans Type S (Models VSBD, TSBD) – Catalog 482
Controllable Pitch In-Flight Vaneaxial Fans Axico Anti-Stall (Models FPAC, FPDA) – Catalog FA-202

Tubeaxial Fans

Tubeaxial Airfoil Fans Macheta (Models TA, TABD) – Catalog 157
Tubeaxial Fans Paint Spray Booth Exhaust Fans (Model BTABD) – Catalog 159
Tubeaxial Fans Adjustable Pitch Airfoil Design (Models ATA, ATABD) – Catalog 400
Tubeaxial Fans Type P (Models PTA, PTABD) – Catalog 414
Tubeaxial Fans (Model BSTA, BSTAB) – Catalog 435
Tubeaxial & Vaneaxial Fans Type S (Models VSBD, TSBD) – Catalog 482

Wall Mounted Fans

Panel & Ring Fans (Model BR, DDR, BP, DDP) – Catalog 168
Wall Mounted Fans (Models BSDDP, BSBP) – Catalog 172

Roof Ventilators

Roof Exhausters Downblast (Models ACX, ACXD) – Catalog 102
Roof Ventilators Upblast Wall (Models ATB, ATBR, AWX, AWXR) – Catalog 105
Roof Ventilators Fume Hood Inline Exhaust Fan (Models AFE) – Catalog 390
Downblast Power Roof Ventilators (Model PC) – Catalog 502
Upblast Power Roof & Wall Ventilators (Models PCU, PCUB) – Catalog 505
Roof Ventilators Upblast Axial (Model BD40C) – Catalog 616
Roof Ventilators Upblast Tubeaxial (Model BSB40) – Catalog 620
Roof Ventilators Roof Ventilator Upblast and Hooded (Models D53, B53, HD53, HB53) – Catalog 625
Roof Ventilators Upblast Propeller Low Profile (Model BSD53, BSB53) – Catalog 631
Roof Ventilators Hooded Propeller Low Profile (Model BSHD, BSHB) – Catalog 632

Plenum and Plug Fans

Plenum Fans (CPLF, CPLFN, CPLQ, CPLQN) – Catalog 735
High Efficiency Plug Fans (CPG) – Catalog 755

Radial Bladed Fans

Industrial Fans (MHO, MHA, MHW, MHP) – Catalog 710

Inline Centrifugal and Mixed Flow Fans

Mixed Flow Fans (Models AMX, AMXR, AMXSH) – Catalog 330
Inline Centrifugal, Centaxial Fan, BIA Impeller (Models CBD, CDD) – Catalog 337
Square Inline Centrifugal Fans (Models SCDD, SCBD) – Catalog 340

Pressure Blowers

Pressure Blowers, Radial Blade (Model PB) – Catalog 904
Turbo Pressure Blowers (Models HPBA, HPBS) – Catalog 914
Pressure Blowers, Cast Aluminum (Models CA, CABD) – Catalog 916

Adjustable Pitch Impellers

Adjustable Pitch Impellers, Backswept (Models BSA, BSP) – Catalog 567
Adjustable Pitch Impellers (Model AHX) – Catalog 524

Fiberglass Fans

Fiberglass Fans, Axial Flow (Model FBD, FDP, FRV, TFBD, VTFBD) – Catalog 185
Fiberglass Inline Centrifugal Fan (Model CBDF) – Catalog 360
Fiberglass Products – Catalog 740
Fiberglass Fan Airfoil (Model SWCBF) – Catalog 743
Fiberglass Fans, High Pressure Composite (Model BCF) – Catalog 745
Fiberglass Fans, Radial Blade Centrifugal Fan (Model RBF) – Catalog 750
Fiberglass Pressure Blowers (Model HPBF Series 14) – Catalog 950
Fiberglass Ventilators (Model AWA/AWAB, AHA/AHAB) – Catalog 977

Air Make-Up Units

Direct-Fired Gas (Models AEHP, AEHV) – Catalog 875
Door Air Heater (Model ADH) – Catalog 895

Filtered Supply Fans

Filtered Air Supply Fans, Wall & Roof Mounted (Models FSWB, FSR, FSWD) – Catalog 664


Industrial Mancooler (Model PUM) – Catalog 264


Prefabricated Roof Curbs – Catalog PRC-110

Fans for Hazardous Locations

ATEX Fans for Hazardous Locations