The Fan & Blower Encyclopedia
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Fan Basics

Exploded Views
(all fan types)

Fan Arrangements
(all fan types)

Wheel Types, Wheel Orientation
& Hub Types (Centrifugal)

Wheel Rotation & Discharges

Motor Positions, Belt Driven Fans
(Centrifugal and Plenum)

Propeller and Hub Types

Axial Fans
Airflow and Rotation

Motor Positions and Discharges
(Axial, Mixed Flow and Inline Centrifugal)

Fan Components

Motor Bases
(all fan types)

Inlet Funnels / Venturis

Bearing Types, Accessories & Modifications

Special Construction

Spark Resistant Construction

High Temperature Construction

Insulated Fans

Nominally Leak-Tight Construction

RTO Construction

High Moisture Construction

Swingout and Clamshell Construction

Fan Accessories

Common Accessories

Base Types

Dampers and Vanes

Grounding Devices

Inlet Boxes

Shaft Seals

Motor Positioners

Split Housings

Technical Descriptions