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Roof Ventilator


The BD40C roof ventilator is a versatile, high discharge unit. This ventilator features a taller design than typical centrifugal or roof ventilator units and is especially useful in the discharge of smoke and/or fumes high above the roof line and away from surrounding ventilation systems. Three part assembly consisting of stack cap, fan section and base. Features cast aluminum Macheta® airfoil blade impeller. Standard construction is heavy-gauge steel finished with air-dried gray enamel. Hot dipped galvanized, stainless steel or all-aluminum construction are optional.

Sizes (impeller diameters)

  • 14 to 96 inches (355 mm to 2,440 mm)


  • Airflow to 123,700 CFM (210,200 m3/hour)
  • Static pressure to 0.75 inches w.g. (190 Pa)

Installation Manual