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Three-Way Heat Saver / Ventilator, Hooded


The RREH Three-Way Heat Saver/Ventilator is a multi-purpose fan designed for ventilating applications that require air recirculation. Its patented reversible fan and versatile damper control systems make a unique year-round ventilation device capable of operating in three different modes: Heat Saver Mode, Mixed Air Mode and Exhaust/Supply Mode.

Each unit is constructed with close tolerances between the propeller tips and the orifice to maintain maximum efficiency. The patented, reversible, cast aluminum alloy impeller is secured to the motor shaft with a split taper lock bushing. The hood of the Three-Way Heat Saver/Ventilator is constructed of corrosion-resistant, fiberglass reinforced polyester and is attached to the fan with heavy-duty structural angle supports for added stability.

Sizes (impeller diameters)

  • 24 to 60 inches (610 mm to 1,525 mm)


  • Airflow to 60,700 CFM (103,100 m3/hour)
  • Static pressure to 0.375 inches w.g. (90 Pa)