Fan Selector


Aerovent’s Fan SelectorTM Program provides quick and accurate selections for more than 200 product lines and includes product catalogs, IOMs and fan related engineering topics in PDF format.

The program provides performance operating data, power requirements, and sound data so that the user can select the ideal fan for their application. Sound data output includes inlet and outlet sound power levels in eight octave bands, LwA, sound pressure in dBA and sones. Fan curve options include; single speed, multi speed, multi blade angle, speed torque, mechanical efficiency, static efficiency and vane setting plots.

Other features include 50 and 60 Hz selections, density adjustments for temperature, altitude and specific gases, performance corrections for inlet and outlet appurtenances, automatically calculated wheel diameters to match direct drive speeds, English and metric units and relative cost comparisons between selections.

A dimensional drawing module allows users to quickly view and print dimensional drawings.


Note: This download will install a new copy of the Aerovent Fan Selector Program (FSP). If you already have FSP installed and are attempting to upgrade your existing version please perform the following:

• Open the Aerovent Fan Selector Program
• Select the "Help" menu option
• Click "Fan Selector Updates"
• You will then be directed to the page containing your update patch